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Want to b full admin

real name: Ammar Khowaja

Steam Id :   STEAM_0:0:562914938  -1 08:05  183    0
why i want be admi no ur srw: I want to be admin Bcz now i am getting bore on my rank i want to proceed so thats why i want to b full admin

Gender: Male

Nick : :

Time played: 176.13

Country: Pakistan

language: Urdu English

Well, you are from pakistan, so you should boost our server and you will get full admin, because your country is available for boost our server

i already told him stay afk at night 2 weeks full night and i will decide but he just stays afk for 2 nights and then come to me for asking..... i am fed up of him -_-

lol they give up so easily

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