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Request Admin IonutZz

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real name : Talmaciu Ionut

nickname : IonutZz

steam ID or name if non steam :

the server you want to apply for : appley for no admin activiti end insult for anathor players

age :16

Gender : Male

country :Rominia

about you : i like this servar

online hours :

Languages: : English, Rominia end Fracez

why you want to be admin in our server : to have respect for onther players

msn (messenger) or Skype Adress:

face book page (minimum 2 years old) :
Reference : Nothing Big Grin

Hi, Time isn't enough..have to be more online time

Good Luck.

agree with Abs. your timeplay is still not that much for getting admin i would suggest you to make atleast 120 hours for admin and 90 hours for Helper and then make the application again for it.
Anyway Good luck.

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